Horticultural Supplies Co.

Hosco is a wholesale business manufacturing and distributing plastic pots in India and has India's largest range of grower supplies- from plastic pots to plug trays, plant labels, watering wands and irrigation drippers to growing media and structures.

This website serves as our product catalog but is also a location where we try to provide growers with informative articles & FAQ's and links to pages with even more information about the use of plastic pots especially in India. Questions regarding any related matter as well as suggestions to improve this site are more than welcome.

Our minimum order (Rs. 10000/- for Plastic Pots in India and $250 for International orders) requirement is small enough for many serious amateur growers to be able to order from us and get pots and supplies at manufacturer prices. We are ideal suppliers to retailers, mail order companies, commercial growers and botanical gardens etc all over the world. We look forward to fulfilling your requirements.

We are unique in being manufacturers as well as users of these products- this gives us greater insights during product development and allows us to test products in actual use.

We are now producing pots and containers against special orders- our low development costs give us an advantage in this and we feel that there is a niche for us in custom development of plastic products including containers and irrigation products. Check out Custom Design for further details of manufacturing Plastic Pots in India.

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