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We are a wholesale operation and currently sell primarily in India, though we have executed several export orders. With this website we hope to be able to cater to a wider customer base.


MINIMUM ORDER : We are strictly a wholesale operation and orders are subject to a minimum value of Rs. 10,000/- (before Tax, Packing and Transport charges are applied)

All of India : Orders are subject to a minimum order value of Rs.10,000/- (Tax, Packing and Transport will be charged extra as per actuals).

NOTE - All items to be ordered in multiples of 5 nos.

SAMPLE SET : We also offer a Sample Set which consists of one each in all colours of our entire range of Horticultural Products...kindly contact us via e-mail on '' for further details on this.

PACKING : For local and nearby sales, pots are sent loose by tempo. For longer distances several options are available
  • Cardboard boxes: We use recycled but strong boxes to ship pots long distances. This is a costly way of packing and a charge of 10% of product value will be levied.

  • Palletizing: For our bulk exports we palletize pots and wrap them in cling film with a plastic cap to protect from rain and dust. We can provide such packing locally too if you have the facilities to unload the heavy pallets.

  • Sleeves: For delivery in full tempo or truck loads we can provide plastic sleeves to cover and protect the pots. The cost saving compared to cardboard packing is passed on to the customer in the bulk discounts.

PAYMENT : All our sales are prepaid- there are several options to make payments. Please ensure that you have a pro-forma invoice from us for the full amount including tax, packing and transportation costs as well as applicable discounts before making the payment.

  • By Demand Draft: please make this Cross Order, payable in Mumbai to Horticultural Supplies Co.
  • By Cheques: we DO NOT accept outstation cheques unless they are from an HDFC account.
  • By Money Order: we will accept money orders sent to our address.


DISCOUNTS : We strongly encourage large orders and have a discount rate which is applicable for substantial quantities ordered at a time.

From Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000/- at one time : 5% off wholesale rates.
For Rs.1,00,000/- or more at one time : 10% off wholesale rates.


Pricing in the Order Form is before all taxes. Current GST is 18% Pan India

Late payments will be charged @2% per month of delay. Any arbitration in this or any other regard will be under Mumbai jurisdiction. All orders will be subject to these terms and conditions, not withstanding any other agreements.

All Responsibility for Unloading of Goods from delivery vehicles and/or
Collection of Goods from Transporters / Railways /Airport etc. lies with the buyer at all times.



International Orders are subject to a minimum amount of US$ 250 or equivalent.


International orders are sent palletized with tight film shrink wrapping. In case of small assorted orders we can palletize cartons.

For orders sent by Air Freight or similar, we will pack in sturdy cardboard cartons.


There are three options:

  • By EMS Speed Post: this is costly but has the advantage that goods arrive at your door and you do not have to spend on a clearing agent. It is the best way to get limited quantities of small to medium sized pots and other items. Though the cost may seem high, your pots will most likely be cheaper than buying from local shops. This option is particularly suitable for small items such as irrigation drippers. Speed Post has the advantage of disregarding the volume of the consignment- you pay only by weight.
  • By Air Freight: for larger orders this will be much cheaper but you need to be near an international airport or have an agent who will clear the material and ship it to you from the airport. When calculating the cost of transportation you need to add the agent fees and local costs.
  • By Ship Container: for large commercial requirements this is the only practical option. It is possible to send just a single pallet load which can be cleared by your agent and sent to you from the port. We have shipped full container loads and this is very economical indeed.



There are no taxes for export shipments and all our prices are net, FOB Mumbai. After calculating the total cost from our order form, please ensure that you have a pro-forma invoice from us for the full amount including transportation costs in your currency before making the payment.

Payment can be made in these ways:

  • By Demand Draft in US Dollar, Euros or Pound Sterling, payable in Mumbai to Horticultural Supplies Co.
  • By Telegraphic Transfer (TT): please contact us for bank information to send us funds by TT



Please contact us for special rates on bulk orders.

We also offer special prices if large quantities of any particular item are ordered. In this case the discount would depend on the item and the quantities, so kindly contact us for special quotes. We feel that our price/quality equation is internationally competitive for a lot of plant containers and irrigation drippers and most particularly for Custom Designs - please feel free to contact us at any time.


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