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1)  Made of tough polypropylene co-polymer for long use
2)  Great for handling pots, plants and materials in nurseries
3)  Makes excellent seed pans by adding mosquito mesh over bottom

New Introduction
New Multipurpose Tray

1)  Designed as a much lower cost altenative to the older tray
2)  Bottom grid that allows the grower to fill it directly with growing media to sow seeds or root cuttings.
3)  Designed to fit 4 trays to a standard CC Trolley shelf for easy handling and transportation.
4)  All our New Perma Plug Trays fit onto the New MP Tray so that the whole set is easily transported to and from rooting chambers.
Code Length Width Height
 Multipurpose Trays are essential for a modern mass- production nursery, where they have numerous uses
 Table shows how many of different pots sizes a Multi-Purpose Tray will hold. Multipurpose Trays are designed to be used as a long lasting, no-corroding bench top - 3 rows of trays form a standard 165 cm wide (approx. 5 feet) nursery bench using GI pipe or MS angles as the supports.
Item Per MP Tray
Item Per New MP Tray Pro
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