Horticultural Supples Co was established in 1980, at a time when plastic pots were not available in India.Over the years we continued to add new items and now have India’s largest range of products for the nursery and allied sectors. Almost all our products are molded from high grade recycled plastic and in an increasingly competitive world we maintain a high standard of quality which allows us to export world wide.

In addition to the products in this catalog we also deal in soil-less media products- various grades of coco-peat as well as readymade soil-less media. We have worked with and developed media and liquid fertilizers that are suitable for tropical conditions and plants.

All our products are tried and tested under real conditions at Tropica Nursery, near Mumbai. This relationship not only helps us test our products on an ongoing basis but is also instrumental in the development of many products especially suited to our conditions.

Some of the products that are specifically designed for low-labour cost, tropical conditions include our long lasting Perma Plug Trays, the new Spacing Tray with extra wide pot spacing, the benching systems etc.

Please check out more details on our products at www.hoscoindia.com. You can see many of our products in use at the Tropica Nursery website - www.tropicanursery.com

We specialize in design and production of pots and plastic items as per your concepts and export world wide- please contact us for custom designed pots.


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